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Starting Dot Registry Policies

TLD Registration & Compliance Policies
Starting Dot supports the protection of Intellectual Property and the interests of right holders. We are committed to provide you the best possible protection through the proposed Policies and Protection Mechanisms.

Given Starting Dot’s belief that infrastructure protection, rights protection, and user security are of paramount importance for a TLD owner, Starting Dot will do whatever is reasonably necessary to ensure a secure and trusted zone of the .bio and .archi TLDs.

Starting Dot provides you with robust protection mechanisms designed to preclude any abusive registrations within the space. Starting Dot has adopted a comprehensive system including the screening of second-level domain name strings and ongoing monitoring for appropriate use of websites active within the space. All policies developed by Starting Dot, reflect the ICANN Registry Agreement Requirements.

Our policies have been developed in a transparent and open way, in order to ensure that our TLDs remain intact and our clients secured, while ensuring the well-functioning of the domain name system in accordance with applicable laws and ICANN requirements.

There are multiple kinds of policies established by Starting Dot. These include:

(i) the Domain Name Policies of our TLDs concerning the eligibility requirements and applicable regulations for the registration and use of a domain name under the .ARCHI and .BIO extensions;

(ii) the Anti-Abuse and Trademark Claim Policy relating to the protection of intellectual property holders and abuse prevention and;

(iii) the Privacy Policy relating to the protection of personal data of our web site users.

For more information on the above policies please refer to the relevant section on our website.