Starting Dot supports the protection of Intellectual Property and the interests of right holders. We are committed to provide you the best possible protection through the proposed Protection Mechanisms. Given Starting Dot’s belief that infrastructure protection, rights protection, and user security are of paramount importance for a TLD owner, Starting Dot will do whatever is reasonably necessary to ensure a secure and trusted zone of the .bio and .archi TLDs.

Starting Dot provides you with robust protection mechanisms designed to preclude any abusive registrations within the space. Starting Dot has adopted a comprehensive system including the screening of second-level domain name strings and ongoing monitoring for appropriate use of websites active within the space.

.ARCHI Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply for a .ARCHI domain name, the registrant will be required to be a verifiable participant in the architecture industry.


.ARCHI is exclusively developed for the community of architects and will be therefore exclusively reserved to academically qualified architects and their immediate environment.

Members of the architectural profession are dedicated to standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence, and thereby bring to society unique skills and aptitudes essential to the sustainable development of the built environment and the welfare of their societies and cultures. Principles of professionalism are established in the legislation, as well as in codes of ethics. These rules and standards aim to protect consumers from fraud and abusive behaviours. By applying restrictive eligibility policies, which has been defined in collaboration with the architecture community, Starting Dot will enforce such regulations within .ARCHI.

Under delegation of public service from their respective states, national architect organizations maintain a full and up-to-date list of qualified licensed architects taking into consideration new graduates of accredited architecture schools, deceases and exclusions. On a global level, national architect organizations are associated together within the International Union of Architects (also known as “Union Internationale des Architectes “or “UIA”).

UIA is .ARCHI’s official sponsor and the top organization for architecture. The UIA’s main objective is to unite architects on a global and democratic basis, as described on The UIA chairs the .Archi Policy Advisory Committee (APAC), which is the supervising and regulatory body of .ARCHI.

According to the UIA Accord, the designation ‘architect’ is generally reserved by law or custom to a person who is:

- professionally and academically qualified;

- generally registered/licensed/certified to practice architecture in the jurisdiction in which he or she practices; and

- responsible for advocating the fair and sustainable development, welfare, and the cultural expression of society’s habitat in terms of space, forms, and historical context.

In order to register a .ARCHI label, the Registrant must meet at least one of the following criteria:

- being an individual professional architect or an architecture firm registered as a member of a UIA Member Section; or

- being an architecture-related organization (such as schools, museums, professional media, artistic and professional events, etc.) listed on a dedicated list defined by the APAC in collaboration with the UIA and the UIA Member Sections, and available on the Registry website.

Starting Dot, in consultation with the Archi Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) may extend the .ARCHI eligibility criteria to national architects associations that are not currently members of the UIA.

APAC Eligibility Criteria for Architecture-related Organizations

In accordance with article 1.1.1. of the .ARCHI Domain Name Policy, the .ARCHI Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) has defined the following professional categories as being eligible for the registration of a .ARCHI domain name. The APAC has decided to elaborate a more inclusive list by defining professional categories instead of preparing an exhaustive list of eligible applicants. Therefore, eligible registrants are asked to recognize themselves before registering a .ARCHI domain name, by reference to the information provided below.

Eligible applicants for the registration of a .ARCHI domain name are individuals or groups falling under one of the following categories:

- Schools, Universities and Private or Public Educational Establishments recognised by their national state as architectural institutions or as providing among others architectural educational programs and being established in countries that are members of the UIA;

- National Architectural Museums or Private Foundations dedicated to architectural projects and/or individual or groups of architects;

- Professional Media Organisations, Magazines, Blogs or Online Publications dedicated to architectural projects, architects, news related to architecture;
- Online platforms relating to professional training or software solutions dedicated to architecture. Are included for example in this category, technical files on strengths of materials, 3D software instructions, short courses or MOOC related to structural architecture technical solutions, etc.

Compliance Check

In principle, each new .ARCHI domain name registrant will be verified within 3 months following registration. The registry operator will verify whether a registrant meets the eligibility requirements and/or domain name restrictions on the basis of public information, such as the information displayed on the registrant’s website, as well as other sources (Internet, public registries). When in doubt, the registry operator will put the domain name on hold, and contact the registrant and the registrar with the request to provide proof that the registrant is meeting such requirements within a reasonable timeframe (e.g. copy of national association membership or professional card or any other element of proof).

Click here to download the .ARCHI Domain Name Policy as of December 8, 2014

.ARCHI Authorized Domain Names

.ARCHI authorized domain names may consist of letters, the digits 0-9, and the hyphen character. The name may not begin or end with a hyphen. It must consist of at least 1, but not more than 63 characters.

Use of a domain name that is barred, prohibited by law or legal proceeding in any jurisdiction, or is considered to be defamatory will be subject to revocation of the domain name by the registry operator.

All two-letter ASCII domain names, such as ‘’ or ‘’, will be withheld from registration or allocated to the registry operator. Other two-character ASCII domain names, such as ’’ or ’’, will be soon available for registration, following ICANN recent requirements.


.ARCHI Anti Abuse Policy & Trademark Claims

The goal of the Anti-Abuse Policy (“AAP”) is to limit significant harm to internet users, to enable Starting Dot or accredited registrars to investigate and to take action in case of malicious use of domain names and to deter registrants from engaging in illegal or fraudulent use of domain names.

Please click here to download .ARCHI Anti Abuse & Trademark Claim Policy Statement